Fiesta Medals You Need To Get BEFORE Fiesta

You may already be aware of my fascination with Fiesta medals.  I just love them!  I'm actually pretty picky about them.  I don't want just ANY medal.  They have to speak to me on some level.  Maybe it's for a place/organization I love.  Maybe it's super sparkly, or funny, or beautiful. put out a list called "15 Fiesta medals that you'll probably want to grab early (if they're not sold out already) for 2017."  Surprisingly, I have two on the list!  Go me!  

The list includes: 

  • Lawyer Rosie Gonzalez's "pendejo" medal inspired by the President. 
  • The Spurs Lady's "Queen of the Court" medal
  • The "Stranger Things & Fideo" medal
  • The Bill Miller BBQ medal (I really want this one - it has dangles!)
  • Gorda Fabulosa Crafts's medal that benefits her MS Walk team
  • The Rampage's medal (I need this one.  T-Bone looks so cool!)
  • The Tommy's Restaurant medal celebrating Big Red and barbacoa
  • The Cornyation 2017 medal inspired by Beyonce and her Beyhive.
  • A Joske's medal!  Yes!  
  • The Whataburger medal featuring their fries and ketchup (got it! see above)
  • The SAFC medal
  • The Green Cuisine "What The Kale" medal (got it!)
  • The Stars 2017 medal
  • The Spurs 2017 medal (NEED it!)

See what those medals look like and where you can find them ***CLICK HERE!***

There are also SO many other wonderful medals that weren't included on this list (not sure why).  You can always follow Fiesta Medal Maniacs, Fiesta Medal Hounds, and Fiesta Medal Enthusiast on Facebook to see the many great medals available this year! 


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