Coffee Hacks To Make Your Day

Stop storing your coffee in the freezer.  It just keeps your coffee cold, not fresh. You want to keep beans (or grounds) away from heat, light, air, and moisture.

Make your own flavored syrups.  Check out some recipes HERE.

Add cinnamon to your grounds. The quickest and easiest way to breathe new life into coffee that’s not  the freshest, or is just kinda low-quality to begin with, is to add a  pinch of cinnamon to the grounds (before you add water).

Reduce bitterness with a pinch of salt.

Make your own flavored creamer.  Check out some recipes HERE

Get a really good travel mug.  Make sure it's spill-proof and will keep your coffee hot for hours.

Reheat your coffee over low heat on the stove.  Nuking your coffee in the microwave makes it taste nice ‘n’ stale.

These are just some of the things you can do to really make your coffee time inspiring!  Find out more ***CLICK HERE!***

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