Teen Dresses Up Like Mermaid & Wins 'Best Babysitter Award'


This is 15-year-old Keegan Carnahan.  She babysits Alidy, a 3 year old, in Florida.  Alidy loves mermaids.  So Keegan decided to surprise her at bath time and dress up in a mermaid tail she got when she was 12 (she was "going through a phase").  


Alidy's mom Jenna says her daughter is convinced that Keegan is a mermaid and now wants pink hair like Keegan.  Jenna also says that this has brought her and her daughter so much happiness.  Alidy has worn a costume every day since she lost her dad in November and this was the first time that someone matched her and gave her such a connection.  Just look at her face!  So happy!  

No surprise that the internet is LOVING it! 


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