Why Jimmy John's Is So Freaky Fast?


Notorious for its "freaky fast" delivery, Jimmy John's claims they can put a sandwich in your hand in less than four minutes!

Sounds too good to be true, but there really is a plan behind it.

-They follow a strict 30-second rule. Employees are allowed no more than 30 seconds to make a sandwich—even custom orders. They even learn to cut and gut fresh bread loaves in two quick, precise slices. And did you know that you can purchase day old bread from Jimmy John’s for 50¢?!

-They ONLY deliver in a 2 mile radius. According to a former delivery man, they eventually memorize all of the street names, backroads, and traffic patterns and mentally map their trip accordingly.

-So…do drivers speed?  Yes.  Have they gotten tickets?  Some have.

-It literally takes a village. This makes sense, considering their two-mile-radius rule and the fact that they always have three sandwiches makers and multiple drivers on staff. To keep up with multiple orders, if employees aren't delivering or filling orders, they're either food prepping or waiting on stand-by for the next one to come in.

(Spoon University)


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