Scientists Officially Want You to Eat More Avocados

An April 2017 review of past research studies by a group of Iranian researchers found that eating avocados every day might help people manage and prevent the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels — that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Researchers examined 129 past studies on avocados and their effects on blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess belly fat, and abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The researchers ultimately found that avocados had the strongest effect on cholesterol levels, but they helped in fighting other metabolic syndrome symptoms, too.

Good Housekeeping Institute's Nutritional Director Jaclyn London, MS, RD, CDN agrees. "The combo of heart-healthy potassium, monounsaturated fatty acids and neuro-protective B-vitamins make avocado a nutritional all-star in the produce aisle.  Plus, since they're filled with fiber and plant based protein, they can help you stay fuller, longer.  Keep in mind: Avocados are still a calorie-dense fruit, so just make sure you're eating them as a part of your daily meals and snacks, not in addition to them!"

(Good Housekeeping)

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