Fashion Trends to Translate Into Your Home


Navy is a great base color for many areas in your home, including everything from accent pillows to your kitchen cabinets. This color, unlike black, will not make the room seem smaller — which is something that is important to many designers and homeowners.  

Accent Color: Bright, Cheery Green 

The idea behind this is that the color will refresh and revitalize you, something that we could all use during stressful times. While this color was first seen on the runway, it has been an increasingly popular choice for living room walls and upholstery. 

Fun Textures

Experts agree textures are trending because people spend so much time looking at a flat screen during the workday. When they come home, a textured blanket or folded drapes can be a sight for sore eyes. 

Butterfly Themes

 While butterflies used to be reserved for children's rooms, it is becoming more and more common to use butterflies  to decorate small areas such as bathrooms or accent pieces with a butterfly theme. Gone are the days of pink and purple butterflies.  Today's design trend includes incredibly realistic depictions of a  variety of species of butterflies.

Faux Materials 

Using a faux finish or faux decorating materials can be budget-friendly AND have practical applications. For example, if you are planning to decorate your ceiling with exposed beams, artificially produced wood beams tend to last longer than their natural counterparts. Other popular, alternative materials include faux quartz countertops, faux leather, and a resurgence of artificial plants and  flowers.



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