Little Things Around the House That Are Totally Stressing You Out

Photo: Getty/bradleyhebdon

Your "Skinny" Jeans 

Taking up space with things that represent 'one day' or 'what if' keeps you from living in the present and tethers you to negativity about your current self. Limit yourself to one or two pieces of "someday clothes" and donate the rest. 

Fussy Bedding

The 30 pillows that need  to be perfectly positioned may look nice, but they could be ruining your rest since mess, disorganization, or general discomfort can all lead to anxiety. Plus, a survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that people who make their bed every morning sleep better, so why  not make the chore even easier by ditching some bolsters. 

Unopened Mail

Here's the problem: When  you're avoiding bills or paperwork, you are operating out of a place of  fear. And that means every time you pass the mound, you're  subconsciously feeding yourself tablespoons of anxiety. So make it a  rule to go through the envelopes daily.

Gifted Jewelry or Dresses from Special Events

Stuff you keep only for sentimental reasons might seem harmless, but according to research, that clutter causes anxiety. Instead, take a picture of all that taffeta for posterity and then give the gowns away (or take the fabric to make doll clothes, pillows, or something else you can USE).

Your Alarm Clock

If your alarm clock tells the time in bright blue lights, toss it. Studies show that blue light can disrupt your production of melatonin (AKA your sleep chemical). One fix: Go old-school with a light-free analog clock.

Screens, Screens, Screens

While tvs, tablets and phones are great for keeping us informed and entertained, it could have an unexpected side effect: dry, irritated eyes, for one.  So take breaks for your eyes' sake.  Also, all the stimulation from the videos will affect your sleep, actually making it harder for you to wind down and relax before bed.

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