Best Ways To Lose Weight For Women Over 30

After 30 your metabolism slows.  Plus these are the years when family and work demands are highest leaving you less time to exercise and take care of yourself.  Get back on track with these effective weight-loss tricks and strategies.

Lay off the fake sugar.  Research has shown that artificial sweeteners actually increase hunger leading to more food intake.

Boost your intake of good bacteria. Eating probiotic foods (like yogurt, sauerkraut, and miso soup) can decrease your weight and BMI.  

Become your own personal chef.  By cooking yourself you can limit the "extras" that go into your food...salt and sugar, for example...and increase what you veggies.

The "5 Hour" Golden Rule.  Never go more than 5 hours without eating.  You need to keep your metabolism up and eating does that.  Make sure to include a protein as that will keep you fuller longer, and make your body and metabolism work harder.

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