Le Creuset Just Made Your Disney Cooking Dreams Come True

Back in March Le Creuset and Disney teamed up to make a beautiful blue Beauty & the Beast soup pot that sold out really fast.  


Didn't get it?  You weren't alone.  They only made 500 of them.  But now they've designed a yellow version based on Belle's gold gown and they've made 1000 of them!  They will also retail for the same price — $280 — as the first edition.  While that may seem like a lot, it's actually a steal considering that  the lowest amount the sold-out blue pots are going for on eBay is $350.

The soup pot will go on sale on today, September 15, online at lecreuset.com and shopdisney.com and in Le Creuset Signature Stores as well.


(Good Housekeeping)


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