The New Starbucks Frappuccino isn't PSL

I have two sets of friends: those who have already stocked up on everything pumpkin spice, and those who are dying inside because pumpkin spice is already out.  But whatever side you're on, you're gonna want to check out the new Frappuccino available ONLY at the Starbucks stores inside Target: The Dark Mocha Frappuccino.


The Dark Mocha Frappuccino is made with extra dark cocoa, coffee, milk, ice, and vanilla whipped cream.  Consider it a grown-up version of your classic Mocha Frappuccino. 

This drink is only available while supplies last and the days where it's socially acceptable to order iced drinks are quickly coming to an end, so get yourself to your nearest Target ASAP in order to get this Starbucks Frappuccino drink.  Oh, and do some unnecessary shopping while you're at it! 

(Spoon University)


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