Things You Should Never, Ever Pass Up If You See Them at Goodwill

Arts and Crafts Furniture

Millenials just aren’t into antiques, or furniture. However, the market for Mission and Craftsman-style pieces from early 1900s still commands strong prices. The real jackpot? Anything by famous designer Gustav Stickley.



Keep your eyes peeled for precious metal hiding in the flatware. Real silver will usually look tarnished and make a ringing sound if you tap it.



Mint-colored dishware dates back to the '30s, but the style erupted in popularity after World War II. Spot McKee, Jeannette or Fire King logos on the bottom and you might be holding the real deal. A single butter dish could be worth upwards of a $100.


Vintage Globes

Thanks to our ever-changing world map, outdated models with bygone countries auction off for surprisingly high prices.


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