How To Keep Your Halloween Calories Under Control

Ah...Halloween.  One of my favorite holidays!  My family gets together with our neighbors and we just make an event out of it, enjoying each others' company, eating a pot luck dinner, and handing out candy.  Sometimes eating that candy as well.  Which is where the problem lies.  If you don't pay attention to what and how much you're eating, it can really mess up your diet.  Too much sugar is just plain bad for you, and all those calories aren't going to help you maintain your weight.  

You don't have to stop eating candy all together.  As with everything it's about portion size and moderation.  Try keeping it to 100 calories.

Hershey Kisses.  Not quite 25 calories a piece.

Kit Kat bars.  3 crispy bars (one and half packages) are 100 calories.

Twix.  Two bars = 100 calories.

Reese's peanut butter cup.  Just one is 110 calories (I don't know if I can eat just one!)

Skittles.  25 = 100 calories.

Starburst.  5 = 100 calories.

Candy corn.  13 kernels = almost 100 calories.

Tootsie Rolls.  4 rolls = almost 100 calories.

See?  It can be done!  




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