These Are The Fashion Trends You're Seeing Everywhere

POWER Red.  Whether as an accessory or a staple, this will get you noticed!


Glitterati Boots.  You may not go ALL out like Rihanna, but sparkly boots are all the rage.


70s Plaid.  Yeah, you heard me.  Dive into the back of your mom's closet.  If she's anything like my mom, she still has stuff from that era that you can borrow.


Victorian Collars.  If you have a long neck, this will be perfect for you.  Also, if you don't like your neck.  


Formal Velvet.  I sure hope the fabrics are better these days and don't get all messed up when you sit and wrinkle them.  They sure are pretty, though.


Find out what else is trending and maybe get a piece or two for your wardrobe.  Learn more CLICK HERE.


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