How Parents Get Back At Each Other

posted by Jennie James -

Have you done this?  Gotten a gift for a friend or family member's child that you KNEW would be a pain to put together just to annoy that friend or family member?  You're not alone because even celebrities do it.  

Dear @carsondaly & @siridaly - thank you for this terrible gift. It only took four hours to assemble but Jane loves it. I will get you for this.

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Turns out Carson Daly's gift to Jimmy's daughter was pay back from an earlier present Jimmy got Carson's son! "He got my son, Jackson, a big giant Nerf blaster a couple of years ago, which was big and awesome, but he also got with it 1.2 million extra Nerf darts," Carson said. "They're all over my house — still. So there you go, buddy!"



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