Meet a Real Life Rapunzel

Meet Anastasiya Sidorova, a Russian woman whose natural red hair is 42 inches long.  Isn't she gorgeous!?


Her Instagram account is followed by 389,000+ people who just want to see her gorgeous hair.  It's also all in Russian so you'll need Google translate.  


She also includes expert advice in each photo's caption about battling hair loss, stimulating hair growth, experimenting with at-home masks, formulas, pills, and more.


She's SO lucky, right?  Actually The Sun reported that the 23-year-old was diagnosed five years ago with androgenetic alopecia, a genetic disorder that can cause permanent hair thinning and balding. But after working with a trichologist (a dermatologist that specializes in the scalp and hair), Sidorova has ALSO become a trichologist herself, and is now able to manage her condition with a specific routine that includes hair stimulation therapy, hair masks, and a ton of patience and acceptance.

It's obviously worth it!


(Good Housekeeping)


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