"This Is Us" Is Trying To Teach Us Fire Safety

What a draining episode!  (of course, aren't they all?)  But there are some things we can learn from it!

1. Think twice before accepting hand-me-down appliances.  Older models don't offer modern safety features like auto shut-off.

2. Unplug slow cookers when you're not cooking.  This goes for all counter top appliances.

3. Replace your fire alarm batteries.  And check them once a month.

4. Have a family evacuation plan that includes your pets.  All household members should know at least two ways to evacuate from every room of your home as well as a meeting spot outside.

5. Check door handles before opening them

6. If flames block your exit route, stay in the room. If you're trapped in a room, keep the door closed to help shut out both heat and toxic gases. Place a wet towel under the door if you can and call 911. Then open a window and wave a brightly colored cloth or flashlight to signal for help.

7. Never go back into a fire. Always wait for emergency responders and notify them that pets or other people are still inside, advises the National Fire Protection Association.

(Good Housekeeping)

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