Project Runway Winner Opens New Store In Alamo Heights

Ok, first off, you need to know I LOVE Project Runway (and all it's spin-offs) and one of the many designers I've loved include Anthony Ryan.  HOW did I NOT know he lived in San Antonio?  How did I NOT know he had a store called the Anthill?  Ryan opened Couleur + Blindé in early January and is transitioning his design studio from The Anthill, which will remain open through the end of March.

[It's pronounced Color Blind.  Yes, I called the store and asked how it was pronounced because it totally does NOT look like Color Blind and I could NOT, for the life of me, figure it out.]

The new store is in Alamo Heights.  My mother-in-law and I watch Project Runway together (ok, I make her watch it with me) so she's the one who noticed the store and told me about it.  


The clothes are for everyone.  “If you watch day one, season nine of my ‘Project Runway,’ my whole spiel was making clothes for everyday women, something that anyone could afford, anyone could buy,” Ryan told the Express-News. “Coming from the South, it’s a different market for me. Girls are curvy. All my sisters and my mom, they’ve got a butt, you know what I mean? New York and the fashion industry is finally starting to catch up.”

Clothing prices average $40 to $75, with nothing more than $125.


Ok, you know he's in San Antonio if he's got cupcakes from Bird Bakery!


You can follow Couleur + Blindé on:

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(Express News)


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