Jennie: I Was In A Brad Paisley Video

Some of you know this but years ago I worked for KJ-97.  Man, it was fun.  It was hard work, but I enjoyed it immensely.  I still listen to the station and I'm friends with the on-air talent that's there (Randy Carroll and I shared an office for years!).  

Brad Paisley was just here at the Rodeo and it was my husband who reminded me that I was in one of his videos.  Yes, I completely forgot.  It was years ago, and these days I can barely remember what happened yesterday.

Brad and Andy Griggs came in to San Antonio for the Rodeo Kick-Off and Brad decided to film part of his video for "Me Neither" while he was in town.  Low and behold I made it in!  So did my friend Lorin (she's the one on the phone), my old boss Keith and his daughter Lindsey (they're in a different scene at :27).  

The joke is Lorin's and my cameo in the video, that literally lasts a second, captures us exactly like we are: Lorin always on the phone, me always laughing.  

Enjoy the video.  And don't blink at 1:28 or you WILL miss me.



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