Watch Drone Footage of Snow in Rome

It turns out Rome is a lot like San Antonio: it rarely snows.  And when it does the whole city shuts down.  

A really bad weather storm system rolled through and dropped 4 inches of snow, the heaviest snowfall in Rome in six years.  Because the city isn't equipped to handle such storms, the city’s authorities had to ask the army for help clearing the roads, and called on other areas to send in snowplows, Reuters reports.

Schools were closed and public transportation paralyzed, so residents were given the opportunity to ski, sled and build snowmen. Priests and students even held a snowball fight in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican.

Check out the drone footage.  I'm sure it was cold, but it's remarkably beautiful.  Even the Colosseum was covered in snow, a sight you don't normally see.




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