Mark Hamill Gets Choked Up Watching Yoda and Frank Oz

Luke Skywalker is retired.  Well, technically.  He won't be in anymore Star Wars movies (boohoo!).  But he likes it that way.

Being involved with the newer films, "the pressure is unbearable," says Mark Hamill, 66. "I said to George (Lucas), 'These things are almost too high profile for my comfort at this point.' That's why I look forward to (Solo: A Star Wars Story, in theaters May 25) and why I enjoyed Rogue One so much: Aah, see, I can relax and just be a member of the audience again, and that's very satisfying."

Also satisfying?  Mark Hamill just got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Here's a behind-the-scenes look when Mark met Yoda again.  


He spoke to USA Today about that meet-up:

Q: You look really choked up around Yoda and puppeteer Frank Oz in that video.

A: The whole movie was really difficult for me emotionally. It was acknowledging your mortality (and) the fact that something that was so meaningful in your life was necessarily coming to an end, to pass the torch to the next generation. I started the process of disconnecting emotionally when I read (The Force Awakens) and knew I'd never work with Harrison (Ford) again, and of course the biggest trauma was losing Carrie (Fisher) in real life and only just having that brief scene with her in the movie. It took on new meaning because Luke was saying goodbye to his sister and I was saying goodbye to ever working with her again, knowing Luke's fate.


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