Dairy Queen Is Bringing Back The Oreo Mint Blizzard!

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McDonalds announced earlier that the Shamrock Shake wouldn't be available in Texas because they don't have many people who order it.  I was a bit crushed.  But not anymore.  Not when you can get a BLIZZARD!  Dairy Queen is bringing it back after it was discontinued in 2015.

DQ has dropped a rival for the shamrock shake! The Mint Oreo Blizzard! Looks like we’ve got some more treats to try this month 😋🍨 📷: @dairyqueen

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The Blizzard has creme de menthe (aka mint) mixed with vanilla soft serve ice cream, and spun with tons of Oreos.  But it's not the best thing for your diet.  A large is 1210 calories (no shame), but you can order a mini for only 400 calories if you're looking for a festive snack.


Perfection! 😋 #fatgirlproblems #icecream #dairyqueenblizzard #mintoreoblizzard

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