Eater Decided on "Texas's 38 Best Restaurants"

Being a restaurant critic has its perks: Eater critic Bill Addison  spent a month touring and devouring all the fare Texas has to offer and included his favorites in "Texas' 38 Best Restaurants." Five San Antonio spots made the list, ranging from staples to trendy, new restaurants.


Where you can find it: 306 Pearl Parkway 

Why Eater loves it: "The crown jewel" of the Pearl offers dishes like hot goat sausage and catfish mortadella while incorporating San Antonio's Mexican culture with items like masa-fried oysters over sopes with black beans and avocado mousse.


Garcia's Mexican Food

Where to find it: 842 Fredericksburg Road 

Why Eater loves it: Garcia's Mexican Food is "the apotheosis of a great Tex-Mex restaurant and its irresistible comforts" and its owned by the same family that's been running the show since 1962. Addison raved about the Deluxe Mexican Dinner Plate which is stacked with two cheese enchiladas, a pork tamale smothered in chili con carne, a beef crispy taco.



Where to find it: 5251 McCullough Ave. 

Why Eater loves it: The changing dinner menus are themed after a period of Mexico's history, making the 12-person restaurant "arguably the most avant-garde restaurant experience in Texas."


2M Smokehouse

Where to find it: 2731 South W.W. White Road 

Why Eater loves it: Because it's 'cue "con ganas!" Addison feels that it "quietly" set the bar for good barbecue in San Antonio.


Ray's Drive Inn

Where to find it: 822 S.W. 19th Street

Why Eater loves it: It's the Home of the Puffy Taco, duh. But the West Side staple is also on this list because it's a "capsule" of San Antonio's puro culture - Addison pointed out the throwback Spurs swag, the shrine to La Virgen and their "Budweiser y Tacos" neon sign




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