TravelPirates Rate Fredericksburg Brewery Tops in US!


TravelPirates is a website that decided to list the best Beer & Brewery Hotels in the United States.  They came up with the top 7 and the Fredericksburg Brewing Company Bed & Brew made the list!

The brewery describes itself on Facebook as:

We are the oldest brewpub in Texas, and have been proclaimed by numerous publications, as the "Best in Texas". The biergarten in the back is perfect for private functions. Also available are 12 "bed and brew" rooms above the restaurant.

TravelPirates had this to say:

Bed & brew: it's like a bed & breakfast, except instead of breakfast you get a free pint of beer for every night of your stay. Who could complain about that?

TripAdvisor gives it 3.5 out of 5 stars.  And prices start at just $112 a night!  

I don't drink beer and yet this sounds awesome!  I know a lot of friends who might want a weekend away after seeing this.




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