UTSA & Zoo Team Up To Treat the Elephants


The elephants have a new team on their side:  students at UTSA!  

It all started with Lucky.  She was all by herself, but now has two best friends, Karen and Nicole, to hang out with.  Tthe zoo’s mammal director Jonathan Reding says they love being a herd.

They've also received a new rain garden in their habitat.  

Now UTSA students have researched how elephants behave to find out how they stay active and happy.  They've even gone as far as to design and is build devices meant to enrich the animals’ lives.

--The Electric BABE, which is essentially a concrete tree…"They're showers for the elephants,” explains student Aramis Babcock. “And what I'm working on right now is the buttons that the elephants will press."

--The Foobil, a spinning mobile…"They can hit it and food will fall out of the holes and the little modules,” says student Katherine Wofford, who designed that particular device.

--A Tire Tower, similar to the stacking tower children’s toy…"They will be able to use their trunks to pull them up and down off of there in order to access food from the inside,” student Sarah Robinson says.

Installation in the habitat begins Monday, helping secure the future of the gentle giants.



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