How to Share Your Kids' Photos Safely Online


It starts with some photos of your children that you want to share with family and friends.  But social media has evolved and personal data is getting stolen and pedophiles are trolling the internet for pictures of little kids.  It's sick.  

@KidsForPrivacy is a campaign that educates parents about how oversharing pictures exposes children to predators. 

The Child Rescue Coalition has learned how social media makes it all too easy for predators to get pictures of children, which they trade as pornography. By age 2, 90 percent of children have been featured on social media.  Most parents believe pictures of their children in the bath or naked are simply innocent snapshots of childhood.

But more than 100 hashtags, including #nakedkids, #kidsbathing and #pottytraining, create places where predators can easily find pictures!

A big way to prevent this is to check your privacy settings.  

To learn more about the Child Rescue Coalition and their @KidsForPrivacy campaign ***CLICK HERE!***


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