Kawhi Leonard Building House in San Antonio

Kawhi Leonard

There are reports online that Kawhi Leonard is building a new house in San Antonio and spent $2 million alone just on the foundation of the house.  The FOUNDATION.  And if that's what the foundation costs, can you imagine how big this house will be?!

But is it true?  What we've heard lately: 

--ESPN reported that NBA GMs can't wait until the off-season to start courting Kawhi away from the Spurs. 

--Kawhi won't be playing in the last two regular-season games.

Does this mean Kawhi is leaving?  Or is it just the hopes and dreams of other teams to have Kawhi on their roster (who can blame them)?  

But just because he's building a house here doesn't mean he won't leave, though.  Many players have their permanent homes in cities for which they don't play.  

Then again, Tim Duncan and David Robinson, for example, stayed with the Spurs, made their homes here, and continue to call San Antonio their home.  

We'll just have to wait and see.  What do you think Kawhi will do?


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