The Best Lipstick Shades for Your Skin Tone

I can never find the right colored lipstick.  Especially when I'm trying to find a good red one.  That's why I turned to LC (Lauren Conrad) for a little help.

If you have fair skin…

Lipstick really pops on fair skin, which means you can really have fun with it once you find the perfect color for your pout. Generally speaking, pinks and reds work well, but anything too light or too yellow will wash you out.

As you can see Gwen Stefani KNOWS red lipstick.  She never goes wrong.


If you have darker skin…

Deep reds and berry hues complement darker skin tones. Avoid anything too light unless you are looking for a bright, statement lipstick. For a subtle, everyday look, deeper shades will be more flattering.

Priyanka Chopra can do no wrong with lipstick either.  But she does look good in a berry tone.


If you have olive skin…

Lucky for you, it is hard to go wrong if you have an olive skin tone. Your skin’s undertones tend to be neutral, which means you can wear almost any color and have it look good. Opt for nude, pink, red, or even orange lipsticks—you can look to your outfit to decide. 

Jennifer Lopez has been sporting the nude lipstick a lot lately.  Probably because it looks amazing on her!


So how do you know your undertones?

A good trick to tell what your skin’s undertones are is that if you burn in the sun you probably have cool undertones. If you tan, your undertones are probably warm. If your skin has cool undertones, lipsticks with blue or purple undertones look best. So when you go to choose a red lipstick, for instance, you will want a deep, bluish red rather than an orange-y red. If your skin has warm undertones, warm lipstick shades like bright reds and oranges will look best. It is also possible to have neutral undertones, which means a broad spectrum of hues will look good on you (lucky you!).

When in doubt, try it on.

In the end, finding a color that will complement your skin tone is all about trying it on. Go to a makeup counter and test shades on the back of your hand. If you’re still nervous about investing in an expensive lipstick that may not work for you, have some fun in the drugstore aisle first. Once you find a drugstore color that you love, you will be able to invest in a similar color from an upscale brand if you would like.



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