Bravo Announces TV Series Set In San Antonio

Are we getting a "Real Housewives of San Antonio?"  Bravo has added 10 new shows to debut in the fall and one is an "Untitled San Antonio Project."  According to the release, the show covers...

“...a tight-knit group of women and their families living in San Antonio, Texas, who are affluent, sophisticated U.S. citizens or recently naturalized citizens of Mexican descent.  In their upscale and beautiful gated communities, these women will face a new set of challenges in adapting to U.S. culture while working to keep their roots alive and well.”

Obviously I hope this gets the go-ahead, but I also worry that they'll play up their Mexican heritage in an unflattering, or even over-the-top, way.  I guess we just have to wait and see.  

Anyone know the people involved or heard anything about filming around town?  Let me know!

(MySA) Photo: Getty/Amanda Edwards


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