Your Childhood Toys Could Fetch You Big Bucks!

Teddy Ruxpin. He could sell for as much as $400, but expect an average of $150.


Lite Brite.  I loved Lite Brite!  And it's selling on eBay for $310.


Barbie.  We aren't talking about the ones you played with growing up.  These are the ones still in the box.  Right now they're going for about $20-$25 each.  But some could make you some serious bank.  A first edition Barbie (like below) could bring in as much at $20,000!


Cabbage Patch Dolls.  They are making a comeback so there are new dolls out there.  But if you can get your hands on one from the 80s, it could pay off to the tune of $3000!


Don't stop there!  There's a long list of toys that are worth money.  You can find it by ***CLICKING HERE***


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