What Else Can You Do With Fiesta Medals?

You've got all these Fiesta medals that you love, but you hate that they're put away most of the year.  We've covered wreaths.  We've covered jewelry.  Also...

  • You could cover a tote with them.  
  • You can use them as magnets on the fridge.  
  • What about Christmas ornaments?
  • One enterprising fool made a dress out of them.  I don't suggest that though, because it would take forever and be really heavy to wear.

 In trying to come up with more ideas, my friends and I realized that you can do with Fiesta medals what a lot of people on Pinterest have been doing with beer and bottle caps.

You can inlay medals onto the top of a table.


What about using those medals to decorate a mirror (large or small)?  Or a picture frame to remember your favorite Fiesta memories.


Oh my gosh!  A clock that tells you it's Fiesta time!


Find a glass base lamp and fill using your medals.  If you're really creative you'll find a way to make sure the medals face out. 


Keychains!  The cool thing is you can personalize it to your friends' favorite things and give as gifts.


I really would love to know what you do with your medals.  I bet you have some creative ideas.


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