Mother's Day Gift Ideas

My mom always says she just wants to spend time with us for Mother's Day.  That's even more important now that I've got my own family and we're 4 hours away.  

So #1: spend time with your mom.  Even if it's just hanging out at the house watching one of her favorite shows or movies.  BELIEVE me, she'll love it.

#2: something personalized.  There are SO many companies out there that will personalize stuff: clothes, jewelry, shoes, blankets, signs.  Think about what your mom would like.  Maybe it can be handed down.


#3: luggage.  Get rid of the old stuff she has laying around.  Give her something that can easily roll!  And maybe find one in her favorite color or pattern.  Then tell her she needs a weekend getaway with your dad or her best girlfriends! 


#4: an Amazon Echo.  Who doesn't use Alexa these days?  And she's very useful.  Unless your mom is tech savvy, know going in that you're going to have to help her set it up and then teach her to use it.


#5: Wine.  What mom doesn't like (need) a nice glass of wine every now and then?  And it's more special if you get it personalized!  Go above and beyond and get personalized glasses to go with it.


#6: An Aerogarden.  This is great for the home-chef who likes fresh herbs!


Honestly, it's the thought that counts.  So think about what your mom will enjoy the most.  

There are plenty of other ideas on this list by Good Housekeeping.  Check it out!

And you're probably wondering...what do you want for Mother's Day, Jennie?  Why, thanks for asking!   I'd love to get the ring that Christina Aguilera wore on the cover of Paper Magazine, but I checked and it's £108...which is $148.55 in US dollars and that just seems a little too extravagant to me.  And PLEASE tell my husband not to spend that kind of money!!!  Maybe I can find something similar for a lot less.  If you find something, shoot me the link!



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