Shelter Cats Learn High-Fives to Get Adopted

Today is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.  You know we have some incredible shelters here in San Antonio with wonderful pets looking for homes.  But sometimes it's really hard to get them adopted.

Cat-behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, from the show "My Cat From Hell," created a program called "Cat-Pawsitive" to help shelter cats get adopted.  


“Big life changes can lead to cats losing their mojo, their confidence and their raw cat essence,” Cat Pawsitive manager Christie Rogero added. “When suddenly faced with a noisy shelter or an unfamiliar foster home, even the most outgoing and friendly cats can become nervous, shut down or even just bored. This can lead to behaviors that make them seem less ‘adoptable.'”

According to reports, nearly 30 shelters have joined The Jackson Galaxy Project in order to teach their furry residents how to sit, jump, and even high-five on command. Another 50 shelters around the country are excepted to join the cat training program by the end of 2018.

Isn't it wonderful?    


Who doesn't love cat videos?  And here are cats learning and growing and socializing.  


Think about giving a cat a forever home with your family.




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