You Can Now Have Wine Delivered To Your Door In One HOUR!

Let me introduce you to the delivery service Drizly.  Through their website or app (available through Google Play and the Apple Store) you can order beer, wine, spirits, garnishes, and whatever else you need for that after-work drink and it will be there in ONE HOUR. 

Having a spontaneous girls' night?  Order a bottle of wine.

Forgot your husband was bringing his boss over for dinner?  Order a bottle of scotch.

Hard day at work?  Order a bottle of whiskey.

Planning a party and realized too late that you need more ice...and bitters...and plastic cups...and...  Yes, you can order those.

And it can all be there in ONE HOUR.

You can choose from a wide selection of libations because the service works with local retailers right here in San Antonio to ensure that you always have the best options.

Have something delivered to your home, or to a friend as a gift (especially if you forgot today was your friend's birthday).   




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