Fiesta Flambeau "I'm Single" Sign Goes Viral


Meet Jasmine.  She's from San Antonio and goes to the Fiesta Flambeau parade every year.  This year though, instead of holding a sign that said "Show Me Your Shoes," she went with a sign that said "I'm Single."

And why'd she go for a Navy man?  Because her dad was in the Navy.  

In the video you can see Jasmine holding her sign while sailors walk by.  But then one of those Navy hotties walks up to her and gives her cheek a kiss!  He also asked her for her Snapchat name.  But...because there's always a but in these boy-meet-girl scenarios...she confused her Snapchat handle with her Twitter handle and didn't realize until it was too late.

So she reached out on social media to find him.  And after 30,000 views, some of his Navy buds recognized him.  His name is Darian and he and Jasmine have a date at the San Antonio Zoo (which is perfect because, in May, all military [active, reserved, retired, etc] get in free!).




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