I Made Jewelry With Fiesta Medals

I've blogged before about things you can do with Fiesta medals when it's not Fiesta and one of the ideas was to make jewelry.  So I did!

I made necklaces for myself (obviously), my friends Megan, Raven, and Bree, and a little charm bracelet for my friend Amanda using some of the dangles that came on some medals.  I think they turned out great!  Making all 5 pieces only took me about 20 minutes, too.

Even with just 3 medals they start to get heavy.  So if you do decide to make a necklace take into account the weight of the medals.

You can do necklaces by theme (like with the radio stations), or color, or shape/size, or maybe your favorite Fiesta event over the years (Oysterbake medals would be the perfect necklace for next year's event!).

You can even take the dangles and make them into a bracelet like I did for my friend who's an art teacher, likes to travel, lives in San Antonio, etc.  

I'd really love to see any that you might have made!


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