Learning to Drive With Your Parents

I wasn't THAT bad of a driver.  Well, my mom hated driving with me.  My driving school instructor called me, "Lead Foot."  And my dad said I almost wiped out a high school when we were practicing in the parking lot.  (Hey, I mistook the gas and the brake.  It's an honest mistake)

So what did my parents do to save themselves from imminent heart attacks?  They got my neighbor to do it.  He had nerves of steel because he taught fighter pilots to fly.  Needless to say, I'm a decent driver (unless you ask my husband).

This kid, Kieran, is driving with his mom and it just makes me laugh!  I can see it from both of their points of view and it just gives me the giggles.  

Was your mom like this?


And here he is driving with his dad.  You have to give Kieran's dad props for laughing most of it off.



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