The Most Popular Places in San Antonio to Instagram

The San Antonio Express News did a lot of work checking into hashtags and seeing how many pics were posted and I think they got a great list!  I love how some people just do straight up selfies, some are artistic, some are funny, some help you learn.

I personally thought the Riverwalk would have been higher on the list.  Also, HemisFair made the list, but since the wings there are brand new, it didn't make the top 10 (yet).

10. #MissionSanJuanCapistrano


9. #NaturalBridgeCaverns


8. #SanAntonioRiverwalk 


7. #SixFlagsFiestaTexas


6. #ToweroftheAmericas


5. #ATTCenter


4. #SeaWorldSanAntonio


3. #SanAntonioZoo


2. #Alamodome


1. #theAlamo


The list the Express News collected is actually the top 25 locations.  If you want to check it out, CLICK HERE.


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