Easy Trick For Magical Photos

Take a look at some of these pictures.  Aren't they something?  I bet you're thinking 'I can't do that.'  But you'd be wrong!  


These aren't pictures of reflections in a pond.  They're actual reflections of the top part of the picture.  And they are not done after the fact with computer trickery.


Photographer Mathias Fast started using the trick and tells you exactly how to do it!  You use a smart phone and a camera to get the reflection!  Here's a step-by-step guide to the technique, from a post he wrote for PetaPixel:

1. Start by holding your smart phone on a plane horizontal to the bottom edge of your lens.

2. As you look through the viewfinder you’ll see part of the scene reflecting onto the lower part of the image.

3. Simply adjust the phone slightly (while still holding it close the edge of the lens) until you see a reflection that you like.

4. Take the picture!

So before you freak out because it didn't work out on your first try, remember Mathias is a professional who takes pictures for a living.  He's been practicing for a while and he has a very expensive professional camera.  That doesn't mean you can't do it, though.  Just keep trying!  

CLICK HERE to see more of his incredible pictures and read more about his story!


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