Edible Cookie Dough Can Be Delivered to Your Door!

Sometimes you need some comfort food.  And mac & cheese is great for that, but what if you have a sweet tooth.  Cookie dough!  Don't EVEN try to tell me you've never eaten it.  I don't believe you.  Yeah, yeah, salmonella, yadda yadda.  STILL don't believe you.

But now there is edible cookie dough and it can be delivered to you!  

The CookieDough Cafe:  Two Pack: $23...Three Pack: $31


Edoughble:  Two Pack: $25...Four Pack: $40


Unbaked:  Half Pint: $9.50...One Pint: $14.50...College Budget: $6


DŌ Cookie Dough Confections:  Choose Your Own Four Pack: $50...Choose Your Own Six Pack: $69


P.S. Snacks: 12, 3 oz Packs: $32.28


The Dough Jar:  Dough'ble Pack (two pack): $20...Dough Lover's Pack (four pack): $39


Batter Up Batters:  4oz container: $4.99...8oz container: $7.50




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