See This 16-Year-Old's Smoothie Creations

Jose is a 16-year-old from Lima, Peru.  Why am I telling you about a teenager?  Because of one simple reason:  he creates the most beautiful smoothie bowls you've ever seen.  And he has fans:  ONE MILLION followers on Instagram! 


This kid goes to school.  You know he has a lot of homework, probably does extra-curricular stuff, so how does he find the time?  

Yeah, I don't know either, but I'm glad he finds the time.


He likes to use natural colors that give his bowls such beautiful depth.


All his props are edible.


One thing he loves to use are gemstones, which are actually edible vegan gummies.


Joes graduates this December and wants to do something related to art for his career.  Uh, YEAH!  

You should follow him on Instagram just to have pretty pics show up in your feed.  CLICK HERE



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