Doctor Who Gets Her Own Barbie Doll!

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Here's something you may not know about me.  I'm a HUGE geek.  I'm into Harry Potter, and Supernatural, and Sherlock Holmes (the BBC one), and Doctor Who and... 

And I also collect Barbies.  Not super seriously or anything.  Just ones that really speak to me.  Why yes, I DO have a Katniss Barbie from Hunger Games.

So you can imagine my THRILL when I saw this today!  Mattel has put out a Doctor Who Barbie to celebrate the first female Doctor!  And it's going on my Christmas wish list pronto! 

Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor and this season just started.  The first episode was this past Sunday on BBC America.

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The Doctor Who Barbie doll is finally here. Such fun to bring the first female Doctor Who to life in doll form! I hope Doctor Who fans and Barbie fans will both enjoy adding her to their collections! #doctorwho #doctorwhobarbie #barbie #barbiedoll #jodiewhittaker #tardis #sonicscrewdriver #bbc #barbiecollector #barbiesignature #barbiedesigner #billgreening

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A Doctor Who Barbie! I checked the preorder sites at 12:08 EST and couldn't find anything- pre-orders started at midnight. Did she sell out that quickly or am I missing something? Wasn't set on getting her, but was curious to check out the price. EDIT: link to her on Hot Topic is in my bio! She is $50. If you check out through Ebates, you'll get 2% cash back. Hot Topic also gives out $15 off coupons for purchases over $30. They can be used on another purchase over $30. Super excited that this doll exists, but frustrated that she's limited edition and $50. A lot of kids would probably love a well-articulated Doctor toy. And even if Doctor Who isn't widespread in the US, it certainly is popular enough in the UK that Mattel could sell a lot there. #barbiecollector #doctorwhobarbie #barbienews

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