Dejounte Murray Says The Spurs Saved His Life

When Dejounte Murray was drafted by the Spurs in 2016 he had only been at the University of Washington for one year.  Granted, he was named to the second team, All Pac-12, and to the Pac-12 All Freshman team.  But I have a feeling he didn't think teams would take a chance on him.  

He says on his Instagram: "THE SPURS SAVED MY LIFE! When Every Team Judged My Past And Judged What I Been Through, The Spurs Knew I Was A Young African American That Had No Guidance And Needed A Chance At Life. That’s Why I Strive The Way I Do To Be GREAT!"

I love that he wants to give back to the team who believed in him.  It shows his character and that the Spurs made the right choice.  He may be on the bench because of his anterior cruciate ligament tear, but he's already done so much.  Remember he was named to the 2018 All-NBA Defensive Second Team becoming the youngest player in NBA history to be named to an All-Defensive Team.  


Photo: Getty


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