How Old Is Old to You?

When I was little, I remember thinking adults were SO old. My mom went to her 20 year high school reunion when I was 8 and I thought she was just ANCIENT. She was 38.

38 seems young to me now.

And as I get to know people (of all ages), I don't think there is an "old" age. My stepdad just turned 85 and can walk circles around just about everybody. Granted I also have a member of my family only in his late 60s and he is old, not taking care of himself, not nurturing relationships, not...anything. To me, now, 'old' is a state of mind. And here are millenials learning that.

They were asked what age "old" was to them and how those people might act. Then they were introduced to people at those "old" ages to see that age has nothing to do with being diminished, with decline. Age is experience and growth!

I loved seeing their eyes being opened. I hope you enjoy the video, too.



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