What If You Love Your Job But Hate Your Co-Workers

(Photo: Getty/JGI/Jamie Grill)

I'm VERY lucky. I love my job and I love the people I work with. Sure, I'm not BEST FRIENDS with all of them, and I don't even hang out with most of them outside of work, but I still count many of them in my "circle."

But what if you don't like a co-worker (or more than one)? That can make a job you love something you dread going to every day. And our co-workers are people we spend a lot of time with, sometimes more than we spend with family!

CNN put out an article on how to deal with these people who you don't get along with.

  • Identify the issue and have a private discussion on how to best work together.
  • Set boundaries and try to limit on-one-one time.
  • Consider work schedule alternatives.

Do you have any suggestions that worked for you? Let us know!

(CNN)/Photo: Getty/JGI/Jamie Grill


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