How To Dispute Your Property Value

Did your home appraisal go up? That's because San Antonio is HOT! Not just in weather but in our growth and the still-hot housing market. Demand is driving sales prices higher.

It's nice to know your house is valuable. It's not so nice having to pay those higher taxes. And they've been quickly going up since 2014! You may want to dispute your property appraisal.


The deadline for most homeowners to file notice is May 15. A notice can be filed online, by mail or in person (emails will NOT be accepted). The Bexar County Appraisal District (BCAD) is also offering evening and weekend hearings.

Property owners can file online through the BCAD website. They may also send a completed protest form to 411 N. Frio, P.O. Box 830248, San Antonio, Texas 78283-0248.

The protest form can be found on the BCAD website.

Property owners may file protests even if they do not receive a notice in the mail.

(KSAT) Photo: Getty/Hoxton/Sam Edwards


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