Need The World's Strongest Cup of Coffee to Get You Through Your Day?

Do you have those days when you just think to yourself that there's not enough caffeine in the world to help you through the day? Well, now you can have the "World's Strongest Coffee!" And it's just clicks away on your computer.

It's called "Black Insomnia" and it's available through Amazon.

How strong is it you ask? Digital Trends says, "According to Caffeine Informer, Death Wish coffee has 54.2mg of caffeine per fluid ounce - Black Insomnia scores 58.5mg. By comparison, Starbucks' dark roast has 21.25mg, Red Bull energy drink has 9.46mg, and Coca-Cola has 2.8mg."

Word is they're already selling 5-6 tons of the Black Insomnia a month!

You can learn about it and purchase it, if you're brave enough, through AMAZON's link.



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