I Thought I Had An Obsession With Clothes Until I Had Kids

Mike and I have realized how quickly kids grow (duh, right?) but what Mike doesn't understand is how women's (girls', juniors', etc) clothes are all different shapes and sizes. Sure they SAY they say they're all 3T, but one is too small in the waist and one is too long in the legs. If you've dressed kids, or you're a female, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Annoying and frustrating.

So there are some ideas you can use to make your clothes last. For Mike's daughter who's pants are too short but just right in the waist: putting decorative lace or something similar along the bottom of the pants to make them the right length. For my son who's pants are also too short but just right in the waist: cut them off to make them pants.

What other ideas can you suggest?


Photo: Getty/Leonard McLane


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