It's Loquat Season and They're Everywhere!

You see them everywhere but probably don't give them much thought. Those little lemon-ish looking fruits on trees are called loquats. Some people call them Chinese plums or nisperos. I didn't know they were edible, but they are and yay!

They're very sweet and very tart; think sour candy. But they're great for infusing liquor, making into jams and jellies, baking in a pie, and even eating them like the fruit that they are.

To prepare the loquats, use a paring knife to pluck the blossom end (the nonstem end) of the fruit out. If you get it all, it’ll almost look like popping a cork, leaving a clear view of the big seeds in the center of the fruit. Use the knife to gently remove off the peels, and then use the tip of the knife to pop the seeds out of the little hole you made earlier.

San Antonio Botanical Garden chef Dave Terrazas likes to saute loquats with a white balsamic vinegar reduction and chile flakes, and serve them over pan-roasted salmon.

There are other recipes that the San Antonio Express News put together.

Loquat Custard Tart

Loquat Bellini cocktail

Chicken Schnitzel with Loquats

Loquat Snapper Tartare

Loquat Jelly

Don't let them go to waste. Loquat season is almost over (it ends in early May).


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