Make Your Backyard Bearable This Summer

I love summer, but I don't like being sweaty or sunburned. Plus, I'm more of an indoor person anyway.

But it gets boring being inside all the time. So there are some great things that will help bring shade to your backyard to make it a little more bearable during the summer.

Plant trees. This is more of a long term thing, but that shade is priceless.

Awnings. There is such a variety out on the market now from very inexpensive to super pricey, from simple to elaborate.

Umbrella. These come in great varieties as well. I'm a fan of the ones with lights and ones with misters. Speaking of...

Misters. You see them on restaurant porches. Why shouldn't you have one in your backyard?

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(Homeactions) Photo: Getty/Solidago

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