How Young Is Too Young For a Sleepover?

My favorite memories of being a kid are the sleepovers I had just about every weekend with my best friends Ashley, Lee, and Stephanie. And every year for my birthday my mom threw elaborate parties that always included a sleepover with all my friends. But I can't remember when that started. Maybe when I was 7?

Mike's daughter is four and she and her friend at school have already started talking about wanting a sleepover which, as usual, has Mike super stressed out. So we talk about how great sleepovers are (from my point of view), and what age they should start (again, my personal experience) and then looked up sleepover etiquette online since things have changed a bit since we were kids (you can't crank call anymore because there's caller id, and social media didn't even exist back then...for example). We found an article on Cafe Mom. Follow along with the article while listening.



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